LESSON #27: Building an effective website....

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LESSON #27: 5 Ways to Build a Website

Back in lesson 23 I talked about why you need to have your own website.

Since then, we’ve covered several of the prerequisites for having a website (getting a domain, hosting, etc). Today we’re going to talk about your options for building a website, and then we’re going to make it a reality.

(Watch this video…)

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Directory of Ezines

Main points:

IMPORTANT: I did not mention this in the video, because it sort of goes without saying. But I think I may need to offer this reminder:
A website does not constitute a business. It is an essential component of your business, but it is not a business by itself.
So please keep that in mind throughout the next several lessons as we focus on building your website.

I often prefer to launch a website before the product is done because…
- Getting your website online is a milestone - You can start marketing it before the product is done

Note: Website vs. web page (a web page is just one page)

Ways to build a website:

1) Build it from scratch (using a web language like HTML)
Do you need to know HTML to be an internet marketer? No, but it can be very helpful. If you are of a Geeky Nature then there is a good set of training here

2) Use a web authoring program (ex. An HTML editor such as found in WordPress)
WYSIWYG = What You See is What You Get

3) Use a template or site builder (Softaculous)
Template = shortcut

4) Use a script or CMS (ex. WordPress)
Forums: phpBB, Vbulletin, etc.

WordPress PLUS WP Profit Builder: my favourite publishing application

5) Outsource it (pay someone else to do it for you) Upwork.com

Action step:

1) Choose a method that you will use to build your website

Think about all these options, do some research if you need to, and choose ONE to start with. We’ll start building your website in the next lesson.

By the way, if you DO have a website already… be sure comment and let us know what worked or didn’t work well for you!

As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below :-)


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