LESSON #26: Making your emails professional....

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LESSON #26: Email Address on Your Own Domain

In the past few lessons, we’ve registered a domain name, and then we acquired web hosting.

Today we’re going to start putting your domain to good use, by setting up an email address on it…

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Directory of Ezines

Main points:

Most people are still using freebie email accounts.

Don’t use cheesy email addresses!

Why it’s important to have an email address on your own domain:

1) It looks more professional. This is more important than you may think. You want to invoke TRUST.

2) You have ultimate control of what’s delivered to your inbox. You can avoid having to search through junk mail folders for important messages, or you can add high levels of filtering.

3) It can improve your outgoing email deliverability rate. This is an important concept for list building. An increase of a few percent can make a difference of thousands of dollars of profit.

  • Video shows how to set up an email account via Cpanel
  • Video shows how to check email via the web… ie. http://yourdomain.com:2095
  • How to configure Microsoft Outlook for POP3
  • How to set up an email forwarder

Forwarders allow you to advertise or give out a certain email address without actually having to manage another email account. Action step:

1) Set up an email account or a forwarder on your own domain (if you don’t yet have one).

2) Test it and make sure it works.

Important Note: If you’ve changed your primary email address, be sure to update your subscriptions such as for this course. Just click the Change Subscriber Options link at the bottom of any email from me… and simply change your email address to your new address and save it.

Now that you’re all set up with your email, it’s time to turn our attention to building your website starting in the next lesson.

As always, you are welcome to post your questions and comments below 


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